Cosmic Kick the Can and Ghosts in the Graveyard Redux Review

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Editor's Review

Outdoor fun gets a twist with Cosmic Kick the Can and Ghost in the Graveyard Redux games. Cosmic Kick the Can upgrades the classic game with a light-up spaceship, while players wear light-up Ghost Hunter bracelets to play Ghosts in the Graveyard Redux.

Cosmic Kick the Can comes with a squishy, light-up spaceship that acts as “the can”. One player is “IT”, which stands for “intergalactic terrestrial”. The other players are invaders. Each player also chooses a color: white, blue, green, yellow, or magenta. The spaceship will light up in those colors. To play, an invader kicks the spaceship, and then all invaders run and hide while IT retrieves the spaceship. Once IT returns the spaceship to its starting place, IT can start tagging invaders to score points. If tagged, an invader goes to the edge of the playing area and counts down from 10 before they can resume playing. At the same time, the other invaders are trying to kick the spaceship without being tagged. Once the spaceship is kicked, watch to see what color it lands on, and the round ends. IT scores one point for each tagged invader, a kicker earns one point for kicking the spaceship, and all players can earn one point if the spaceship lands on their color. The game ends when one player reaches a certain number of points – agreed upon before you start playing. But scoring is optional. What’s not optional is the number of players you need, between four and 12, along with a big outdoor space. Batteries are included.

Ghosts in the Graveyard Redux comes with 11 light-up game pieces. There are four light-up markers to signify the safe zone, ideally a ten-foot square. One player acts as the ghost, and the other players are the Ghost Hunters who get to wear the light-up Ghost Hunter bracelets. While the Hunters close their eyes for 30 seconds, the Ghost hides. Now, the Hunters must search for the Ghost. If a hunter sees the Ghost, they shout, “There’s a Ghost in the graveyard, run, run, run!” Then all Hunters race back toward the safe zone, but if the Ghost tags them, they turn off their bracelets and join the Ghost for the next round. Play until the last Hunter is tagged. You can play this game with four to eight players, and this game can be played both indoors and outdoors. Batteries are included.

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These games are a fun way for kids to get outside, be active, and have fun. The light-up pieces are really cool and just make the games that much more fun to play. (Just don’t play in complete darkness.) Even though you do need a lot of space to play these games, they do ensure that the fun can last even as the sun goes down.


Get kids active outside
Light-up game pieces add more fun
New twists on classic games


Need a lot of space to play

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