Corner Crush Game of Memory and Strategy Review

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Editor's Review

Crush everything you know about the classic game of four in a row. Corner Crush takes that game to the next level with tokens that get dropped into a rotating tower. You can play this game with two players or two teams, and the object is to be the first player or team to score four in a row.

Let’s pretend we’re playing the two-player version. Each player will only be able to see two sides or four columns of the tower. Each player takes his colored tokens and, at the same time, drops one of the tokens into one of the four columns facing him. Then rotate the tower 90 degrees and drop another token. Continue to drop a token and rotate the tower until one player gets four tokens in a row, either horizontally, vertically, or diagonally. The four in a row can even extend around the corners!

Pull the token release bar to clear the tokens and play again.

Corner Crush Game of Memory and Strategy

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The basic gameplay of this sounds easy, but when you start to rotate the tower, you’re going to need memory and strategy skills in order to win. Don’t forget to look at both sides that are facing you so you don’t miss out on a four in a row that goes around the corner. Visualizing that might take some getting used to, but it’s definitely a fun challenge.

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