Convertible Baby Activity Table Walker Review

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Editor's Review

Help your baby practice walking and so much more with the Convertible Baby Activity Table Walker. At 9 months, most babies are just learning to stand, and this walker can help them by giving them something sturdy to hold on to as they walk. Parents can lock or unlock the wheels for two “speed” modes. When the switch is in the locked position, that’s “slow mode”, which encourages initial movement through a controlled speed. When unlocked, that’s “fast mode”, which allows for faster movement as a baby’s confidence and walking ability increases. In either mode, music plays as the baby pushes the walker, encouraging him to move. The music stops when the walker stops.

The walker has a sturdy triangular structure and a fun front learning panel to allow for sit-and-play moments. Baby can pretend to drive by turning the steering wheel, honking the horn, moving the shifter up and down, and turning the key in the ignition – all while hearing fun sound effects play. Or flip the page in the book, move the beads up and down the wire, move the airplane back and forth, spin the rattle, and pretend to make a phone call on the squeaky phone. There’s also a spinning car in the center that kids can “drive” to five light-up scenes, complete with phrases and sounds. Press the music button to hear a song.

As baby enters the toddler years and no longer needs the walker, convert the toy into a two-sided activity table. You can set it up so that the learning panel is on top, or flip it over so that the drawing easel is on top. The magnetic drawing easel comes with one pen and three shape stamps all stored in the built-in storage box. When kids are done drawing, slide the knob to erase and then draw something else.

Convertible Baby Activity Table Walker

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We like that this has three ways to play, going from walker to activity table very easily. Babies, toddlers, and even preschoolers will get a lot of use out of this one toy. It’s a fun way to encourage babies to start walking, it helps with motor skills and coordination, and the learning panel and drawing easel promote creative play.

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