Contours Journey 5-Position and Wonder 3-Position Baby Carriers Review

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Editor's Review

I’m so excited to talk to you about the Journey and Wonder carriers that we had so much fun with. The Journey carrier was definitely my favorite of the two. It was super easy to put in, almost like putting on a front facing backpack. There’s one clip around your waist and another on the top behind your neck which you can easily access yourself, so you won’t need help taking it on or off. As a new mom who’s still trying to balance working and parenting, this carrier made it easy for me to bend, lean, and squat while doing household chores with my little one strapped to me. It has five different carrying positions: the newborn, face in, face out, on the hip, and on the back. I was a bit worried about transitioning Riley from newborn to front facing, but thankfully this carrier is acknowledged by the international hip dysplasia institute so Riley can continue to have healthy hip habits. It also has a bonus feature of an adjustable UPF 25 sunshade in the front pocket. I didn’t feel the need to use this because I felt like the shade was too tight against his head. It also has an adjustable head support. I keep it folded down when he’s awake but, when he is asleep, I have it unfolded. I also loved the small pocket below the sun shade pocket; that’s where we would keep his pacifier and keys when we went on walks. This carrier comes in blue, red, and gray, but we choose the gray because we liked it the best. It carries babies from 8-45 lbs.

When it comes to the Wonder carrier, I mostly used it around the house when Riley didn’t want to be put down or I needed to put him down for a nap but didn’t have the time to lay him down in his crib. This carrier also is acknowledged by the international hip dysplasia institute, so Riley’s hips can continue to grow in a healthy manner. This carrier has 3 positions: newborn, facing out, and facing in. It’s easy to put on and take off with one clip around the waist, two clips on the sides, and a strap that goes over your head. The straps on the side can be tightened or loosened for correct fitting. One thing I didn’t like about the straps is that they are extremely long and would unravel if caught on anything. It also felt very awkward when Riley was facing out; it wasn’t as natural as when he was facing in. Just like the Journey carrier, this has an adjustable head support that I flip up when Riley’s sleeping and fold it down when he’s awake. This is a breastfeeding friendly carrier and I’ve used it for that when Riley was inconsolable and needed help calming down. It also has two zippered storage pockets instead of one, unlike the Journey carrier. The Wonder carrier was easier to nurse in than the Journey carrier. We love the teal color this carrier comes in and it’s a one size fit most with a waist size of 27in-55 in. This carries babies from 8-30 lbs. Both carriers are very easy to use and machine washable. Both carriers also don’t need the infant inserts.

Contours Journey 5-Position and Wonder 3-Position Baby Carriers

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Should I get it?

Yes! As a new mom these were so incredibly easy to figure out!


  • Both carriers are easy to use
  • Breastfeeding friendly
  • There are multiple ways to use both


  • Both carriers have long straps that can be caught on everyday objects

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