Colorforms Silly Faces Game, Hot Wheels Epic Race, and SpongeBob Silly Scenes Review

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Editor's Review

We have three sets here, all different, but all fun. Let’s begin with Colorforms Silly Faces Game. This features characters from the new Netflix series Charlie’s Colorforms City. Players must race to make the silliest face! Spin the spinner and land on a face space to fill, then choose from a wacky assortment of restickable pieces to stick on your face card. If you land on “swap”- that player can choose another player to swap cards with. Those two players swap their face cards including all the pieces on the card. If you land on “Un-stick” that player removes one piece from their face card and their turn ends. The first one to complete a whole silly face wins the game.

It’s a great way to introduce young children 3 and older to fun board games they can easily understand. Plus it brings to life the Netflix series for young fans.

Next, we have Colorforms Epic Race playset. Included are 134 restickable Colorforms, two different Hot Wheels scenes, a story booklet and the perfect storage box to place everything in when done. Children can stick and restick the Colorforms onto the different backdrops to imagine different scenes. The included booklet helps children create a story to help encourage their own creative thinking. When done playing simply close up the box and they’re done!

It’s perfect for children 3 and up who are fans of Hot Wheels.

Last up, we’ve got the Colorforms SpongeBob Silly Scenes Travel Set! This set brings the same fun as the Hot Wheels one, but it’s all about SpongeBob SquarePants! Oh, and of course it’s even smaller to carry around for on the go fun. Open the set and fold out the two different scenes for fun under the sea adventures or on land fun! When done simply close it up and pack it away!

This set is also perfect for kids 3 and up who are fans of SpongeBob SquarePants.

Colorforms Silly Faces Game, Hot Wheels Epic Race, and SpongeBob Silly Scenes

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These sets are all great for kids who enjoy fun activities and if they have a specific interest these can cater to what they like.

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