CoComelon Deluxe Interactive JJ Doll Review

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Editor's Review

Inspired by your child’s favorite educational series, the CoComelon Deluxe Interactive JJ Doll is sure to bring the fun when it’s playtime at home! JJ comes dressed up in his famous attire from on the show. Let me mention each article of clothing can be taken off and on for further play. The doll comes with a spoon and a bowl of peas to feed him. When it’s time for JJ to eat, the peas will “disappear” from the spoon as if he is really eating them! You do have to push the spoon in kinda hard to get the peas onto the spoon. When you feed him you have to make sure you hit a certain spot on his mouth for him to “eat” the peas. And there’s even more fun to have as you feed JJ! It activates sounds and plays songs like “Yes Yes Vegetables,” “This is the Way,”, and “My Name Song!” Then press his tummy for giggles and more fun phrases!

CoComelon Deluxe Interactive JJ Doll

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Inspires and nurtures your little one’s imagination. Your child can engage with his interactive sounds and helps with fine motor skills.

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