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Cluckle is a free-range word game where players make words out of egg tile letters in their nests. The centerpiece of the game is a squeezable chicken that also functions as dice roller.

Each player has eight egg tiles in their nest with which they can make words. One player grabs the chicken, pushes it onto the die so the chicken grips it with its bottom, and then squeezes the chicken to pop out the die. The number showing tells players how many letters their word can have. So players quickly flip over their eggs and try to form a two-, three-, four-, or five-letter word. A blank egg tile is wild and can be used as any letter.

The first player to make a word shouts that word and grabs the chicken. If it really is a word, that player wins the round. The winner places his word to the side and grabs new egg tiles so that he has eight tiles again. The other players have the option to swap egg tiles from their nest with tiles from the center pile. Then a new round begins.

If you’re playing with two to four players, the first player to make six words wins, and if you’ve got a five- to six-player game, the first player to make five words wins.

For egg-stra fun, try making silly sentences with the words you’ve made at the end of the game.

Cluckle The Free Range Word Game

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If you like word games, Cluckle offers a nice challenge. It’s also a very silly game, what with rolling the die from the chicken’s butt. The game is easy to learn, but making words with whatever random letters you’ve drawn is challenging. We think this will be a funny addition to your next game night.

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