Circuit Blox Build Your Own Magnetic Spinner Super Circuit Set Review

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Editor's Review

The Magnetic Spinner Super Circuit requires 3 AA batteries. This set comes with enough building parts to create 800 distinct circuits! We built some of the simpler circuits, such as a closed circuit that lights up a bulb, plus one that rotates a fan, and they work great! The fan spins very fast, so be careful not to touch it while it’s spinning. Each of the 800 projects includes a fact pertaining to the particular circuit you’re building. This set is a STEM toy at its finest!

One thing of note, with more options comes more opportunities to accidentally bunk something up. There are warnings in the instruction booklet on precisely what NOT to do, so you can avoid short circuits. For the longevity of the toy, we recommend looking this over closely and just to be safe, not building willy nilly with the blocks until you learn the fundamentals of circuits. At that point, go nuts, you’ll know what not to do.

Circuit Blox Build Your Own Magnetic Spinner Super Circuit Set

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With 800 distinct circuits to build and at least one fact per project, the fun won’t run out anytime soon with this set.

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