Circuit Blox Build Your Own Building Blocks Sets Review

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Editor's Review

E-Blox toys are designed to stimulate imagination and systematic building of objects that provide fun and learning. The new build your own E-Blox plug together bricks and modules sets offer STEM/STREAM building experiences. The Flying Saucer kit provides fun by using colorful building blocks that have electronic components in them. When they are assembled, circuits that illuminate LEDs and the fiber optic tree bursts with light. This set allows for 4 different projects to be built as all parts are compatible with other kits in the Circuit Blox line adding even more building experiences. The Buzz Wire Challenge gets users to practice using a steady hand and navigate the hook around the maze without touching the metal wires together. This 6 piece set is easy to complete and will entertain adults and kids as they compete for the win.

Circuit Blox Build Your Own Building Blocks Sets

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These sets allow kids to learn electronics with familiar building blocks. They enlist STEM/STEAM principles while building with fun features like lights, motors, switches and more.

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