Chicco E-Motion Auto-Glider Review

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Editor's Review

If you’re looking for a relaxing piece of furniture that will have your baby movin’ and groovin’, the Chicco E-Motion Auto-Glider will be a perfect addition to your living room.  This is a 100% organic cotton fabric glider with a three point harness that Riley absolutely loves.  He doesn’t like to be in any other seat except this one. The gliding resembles that of the sway of a parent and, if he ever gets tired of that, we can easily switch it to a bouncing motion. The glider has a 10 min timer on it but it has advanced motion-sensing technology that will turn the sway back on either by a nudge or if the baby starts moving again. It also  has a weight limit of 5-20lbs so Riley will be able to use it until he’s about 6 months old. While the glider is perfect for keeping your little one entertained at home, you can also take it on the go. It folds up and flat very easily. Plus, if you end up forgetting the charging cord at home, there’s no problem as you can install four AA batteries into it. One aspect of the glider that surprised me as it wasn’t advertised online or on the box was the panel of buttons that’s on the side of the base. There are three buttons: a music note to start and stop the music, one that controls the volume, and a timer. You can use the volume button to cycle through the music selections from press it to nursery rhymes to chirping birds to babbling brookes, and more.  Hold the middle button down for three seconds to change the volume of the song. Unfortunately, there’s only low, medium and high volume. The timer button allows you to play a sound for 10 min. We personally don’t use the music because we have other music/background noise that goes on that is much louder than that music. But, if he were to fall asleep and we needed it to be quiet, I would put it on. The only thing I was very worried about was washing the seat itself. Thankfully, the seat is machine washable so if Riley blows out or spits up on it, we can clean it that way. For us, the seat was a little difficult to put on and off. This was a pro and a con, since it wasn’t loose it didn’t sag, but it also makes it hard to put on and off. Also, this doesn’t have a 5 pt harness so once he learns how to sit up and use his core, I don’t think it will be safe for him anymore. 

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Should I get it?

It’s the perfect compact glider for newborns to about 6 months old.


  • The gliding was very soothing
  • It can be easily stored away
  • It’s travel friendly


  • The glider’s low 3pt harness won’t be conducive once Riley starts to sit up on his own.

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