Buggie Huggie Shopping Cart Tray and Phone Holder Review

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Editor's Review

Buggie Huggie Shopping Cart Tray and Phone Holder from Gifted Arrows will make sure that your shop experience is much more peaceful and efficient. The child will be entertained, while you focus on what you have to do.

The Buggie Huggie Shopping Cart Tray is a tray insert that attaches to the cart frame. It helps secure your child in the seat with its double-latch safety system. The tray works by ‘hugging’ around the child once in the shopping cart and helps prevent them from standing up or potentially falling out of the shopping cart. It also gives the kid space for play or snacks while momma shops. It is spacious enough for multiple toys, snacks, and drinks.

Buggie Huggie Phone Holder is a phone holder that attaches securely to the Buggie Huggie Tray handle and firmly grips most phones. It turns in different directions for child and parent comfort.

Buggie Huggie Shopping Cart Tray and Phone Holder

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The tray works with most shopping carts, such as Walmart, Target, Costco, and Home Depot. When folded, it fits into most diaper bags, and weighs a little over 2 pounds.

Buggie Huggie Phone Holder can also be used in bicycle bar, treadmill handle, stroller handles, and more.

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