Buddy Bumper Balls Review

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Editor's Review

A pack of Buddy Bumper Balls includes 2 balls that need to be inflated. Luckily, we had an air pump lying around, so we had a rather easy ride of it. Even so, it takes a while since there are 6 segments per ball. Good luck if you decide to inflate them without a pump!

Once blown up, the balls are 36 inches in diameter. They have 4 holes, much like a bulbous blue t shirt, so putting them on is a breeze. Children’s limbs will stick out just slightly, but here at ttpm, we’re very big kids, so our limbs reach far outside the protective bubble. All the better to catch yourself when you take a tumble! The weight bearing limit on the box is 200 pounds, but our reviewer is…more…than that, and it held up just fine fir hum. The balls really do absorb nearly all the impact of a collision, even from a running start. These are great for a structured and much safer session of roughhousing in the yard.

buddy bumper balls

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Should I get it?

These bumper balls are amazing shock absorbers, we recommend giving them a shot! Maybe bring an air pump to make your life easier.


  • They’re easy to slip on and off.
  • They’re super shock absorbent.
  • They support up to 200 lbs of weight!
  • Each pack includes 2. 


  • Inflating can be an ordeal if you don’t have an air pump.

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