Bold Made Card Game and Athlete Expansion Pack Review

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Editor's Review

The object of the Old Maid card game was to NOT end up with the Old Maid card. However, the new card game Bold Made takes that same gameplay but twists it so that players are now competing to get the more aspirational Bold Made card in their hands. And just who or what is this Bold Made? It’s a card that’s representative of all the amazingly bold women featured in the game. From inventors such as Madam C.J. Walker and Margaret Knight and writers Jane Austen and Dr. Maya Angelou to musicians such as Marian Anderson and world leaders such as Jacinda Ardern, this card game features familiar faces and unsung heroes that players get to learn about as they play the game and read more about each woman in the instruction booklet.

To play, shuffle the deck of Bold Women cards and deal them until all the cards have been handed out. Players then remove all pairs from their hand and place them face up in front of them, saying the names of the Bold Women as they do so. Then, players take turns drawing one card from the person on their left and placing down any pairs they form. Once all cards have been paired except for the Bold Made, the player who ends up with the Bold Made card wins.

There’s also an advanced version for older kids to play that involves Action and Wild cards. Each player starts with five cards and takes turns drawing two cards from the deck, and playing up to three cards. The object is to collect three sets of four Bold Women, so if you have Bold Women cards, you can place them in front of you. A Wild card can be used to help you complete a set faster. You can also play an Action card, which allows you to draw extra cards or take a card from another player. And you can discard a card to the pile. You can never have more than seven cards in your hand. When a player completes three sets or when the last card is drawn, the game is over. You score points based on how many sets you have, and the player with the highest score wins.

There are also blank Bold Made cards so that kids can design a card featuring one of their favorite bold women.

An Athlete Expansion Pack, sold separately, provides 20 more Bold Women cards featuring famous female athletes, such as Nadia Comaneci, Althea Gibson, Kathrine Switzer, and Lornah Kiplagat.

Bold Made Card Game and Athlete Expansion Pack

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This is such a cool way to introduce fabulous women of history to today’s boys and girls. We like the idea of aspiring to have one of these Bold Women in your hand at game’s end and inspiring girls to be like the artists, aviators, supreme court justices, scientists, and more that they learn about as they play.

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