Blue’s Clues & You! Cook-Along Kitchen Review

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Editor's Review

Get ready to cook and play with Blue and some of your other favorite Blue’s Clues characters with the Blue’s Clues & You Cook-Along Kitchen. Along with 27 pieces of pretend food and cooking tools, the playset also features lights and sounds.

To get started playing, place the frying pan on the stovetop to hear sounds and phrases. Press the top of Tickety Tock to hear more sounds and phrases. The oven knobs make clicking sounds when you turn them, and Mr. Salt and Mrs. Pepper are shakers.

There’s also an interactive recipe tablet with three recipe cards. Place either pizza, omelette, or grilled cheese in the tablet and press the paw print button to go through the clues to make what Blue wants to eat.

And then kids can get creative and make up their own recipes using the pretend food, opening oven door, and opening fridge door. The water faucet knobs turn a little bit, and there’s a pretend soap dispenser for washing dishes and hands.

Blue’s Clues & You! Cook-Along Kitchen

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This is a really cute playset that encourages imaginative roleplay with a favorite character. Kids will like hearing Josh talk to them as they solve Blue’s clues and pretend to cook, and the realistic cooking sounds enhance the play.

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