Blue’s Clues & You! Check-Up Time Blue Review

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Editor's Review

Blue is ready for a check-up, and her favorite doctor is you! The Blue’s Clues & You! Check-Up Time Blue is a plush Blue with pretend doctor tools so kids can make sure Blue is feeling okay. Blue wears a removable patient gown and a removable face mask. Press Blue’s left paw to start the check-up with Blue sound effects, Josh phrases that guide kids through the exam, and light-up cheeks, mouth, and heart. Use the stethoscope to check Blue’s heartbeat and hear a heartbeat sound. Check Blue’s temperature with the thermometer and watch Blue’s mouth light up as sound effects play. Use the otoscope to check Blue’s ears, and feed Blue some medicine from the spoon. If Blue has a boo-boo, make it all better with the fabric bandage. Parts of the box can even be cut out (by an adult) and used as a check-up chart and eye chart.

Blue’s Clues & You! Check-Up Time Blue

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Going to the doctor can be a scary experience for little kids, but the pretend play through this toy is a great way for kids to play out that experience and play out their fears. Preschoolers will enjoy roleplaying as the doctor and caring for the cute and cuddly plush Blue.

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