Blue’s Clues & You! Bedtime Blue and Talking Build-A-Blue Puzzle Review

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Editor's Review

Let’s begin with Blue’s Clues & You Bedtime Blue. Blue comes in a soft plush with adorable star-patterned pajamas, holding her beloved bedtime lovey, Polka Dots. Press Blue’s paw and Polka Dots glows and plays music. Blue’s paw even features her signature blue paw print. This super soft feature plush makes the perfect addition to any bedtime routine. Kids will love to snuggle up with Blue as they fall asleep!

Next, is the Blue’s Clues & You Talking Build-A-Blue Puzzle. This set comes with 9-plastic pieces which features a colorful barn and some of kids’ favorite friends including Blue, Mailbox, and Shovel & Pail. Complete the puzzle and press the button to hear sounds and phrases from the show. Each piece is perfectly sized for small hands. When your child is done piecing together the photo they can display it by kicking out the stand on the back.

Blue’s Clues & You! Bedtime Blue and Talking Build-A-Blue Puzzle

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Bedtime Blue is fluffy and sings lullabies, plus she’s soft! As for the Talking Build-A-Blue Puzzle it teaches problem solving and critical thinking by having to piece together the puzzle.

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