Blippi Go-Kart Racer Review

Editor's Rating


Editor's Review

Blippi is off to the races in this action-packed vehicle and needs you little ones help. Snap Blippi behind the wheel, pull the go-kart back, let go and watch him take a victory lap and spin around in celebration. The bright and colorful toy vehicle will immediately capture your child’s attention. Your little one will love recreating their favorite scenes from Blippi episodes and replaying all the amazing storylines.

Blippi Go-Kart Racer

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This is perfect for fans of Blippi ages 3 and up!


  • Blippi can be removed from the go-kart
  • Blippi has minimal articulation
  • The go-kart moves smoothly
  • Kids will love to recreate scenes from one of the episodes


  • It’s very simple and straight forward so kids may get bored rather quickly.

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