Black Series Force FX Sabine Wren and Yoda Lightsabers Review

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Editor's Review

For the three of you out there who have never heard of Force FX lightsabers, they’re high quality replica lightsabers with lights and sounds. For Sabine Wren’s saber, the handle is very beautiful all on its own. The sculpt is sleek and sharp, with choice metal parts located at various points, like on the activation button and the belt loop hanger. The black grip is made of a lightly grippy rubber, and molded with ridges that run parallel to the handle, making it feel very nice to grasp. The top of the handle has a unique flared asymmetrical cross-guard design and a removable topper that you can uninstall by screwing off the top. Replace the topper with the lightsaber blade, making sure to align the electronic components properly. Install 3 of your own AA batteries, press the button, and enjoy the light show. That’s not all! Swing the saber around to hear the iconic lightsaber “vrrrm” noises. Tapping the hidden button below the on/off button will activate blaster deflecting noises, and holding it down will mimic a lightsaber clash effect. A white flash will occur in either case to accompany the sound effects. 


Yoda’s Lightsaber handle is much shorter, and but has a comfortably molded in thumb-sized button area, and more rubber gripping for a comfortable hand feel. The cross-guard design includes a rectangular protrusion that’s polished to perfection. Unlike Sabine’s, Yoda’s Lightsaber needs no disposable batteries! Simply plug in the charging cable via the port hidden behind this rubber panel! Otherwise, it has all the same awesome light and sound effects you’d expect from a Force FX lightsaber. Be warned though, if you specifically plan to wield it, Yoda’s saber is better suited for smaller hands, as you might expect.

Sabine Wren Force FX

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Should I get it?

While these are high price point items, they’re very high quality. If you’re a ride-or-die Star Wars fan, and particularly fond of these characters, we suggest you check them out!


  • The construction is high quality.
  • The aesthetics are top notch.
  • They are hefty and satisfying to wield.
  • They have super immersive sound and light effects.


  • Sabine’s Lightsaber does not include the necessary batteries.
  • Yoda’s lightsaber might feel slightly uncomfortable amongst the big-handed crowd.

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