Black and White Crinkle Cloth Book Review

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Editor's Review

If you’re looking for a noisy book that will keep your little one’s attention, then look no further than the Beiens Black and White Crinkle Cloth Book. This book is made for children ages 0 to 3 years. It can  be chewed on without being ruined and is made from non-toxic materials. Any spit up or drool can be washed away  using cold water or with a wet wipe. The book helps with visual exercises by giving kids colorful pages to flip through. The mirror page helps keep the baby’s attention and the large color dial can be used to practice fine motor movements by having your baby spin it around. Though Riley is only one, he didn’t really have an interest in sitting down to read this book when I gave it to him. However, he kept picking it back up as he loved how loud the crinkle sound and looking at his reflection in the small mirror. This is a great book to have on the go if you need to run errands or go on a long car ride as it gives your baby something to do. 

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Should I get it?

Yes! It’s great for kids up to 3 years old.


  • It’s a soft book that your baby can read through and chew on


  • Your baby can lose interest in it quickly as there’s not a lot of features to stimulate them.

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