Beyblade Burst QuadStrike Review

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Editor's Review

The Quadstrike Arena requires some very simple assembly out of box that will take you less than 5 minutes. In total you get the arena, two launchers, and the parts to make 2 Beyblade spinners, the Divine Evo Belfyre B8, and the Lightning Pandora Endless P8 (we’ll never get used to Beyblade names!) But yes, no prior beys needed for blading, you’ll be ready to battle with just this set.

The unique draw of this arena is the multi-tiered floor, which is organized into 4 zones. We found that ultimately, the Beyblades would end up in zone 1, as zones 2 through 4 funnel downward, but the clashing sometimes pushes them back up in to higher zones, keeping things interesting. One issue we had was that the launchers this time around are more difficult to thread. We’re not sure what it is but they require a good amount of jostling to get the zipline through. With a bit of patience though, it’ll work. Other than that, it’s the Beyblade Burst spinners you know and love.

Beyblade Burst Quadstrike

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Should I get it?

It’s worth picking up. This arena may not have the bells and whistles of other arenas, but it’s still a great introductory set for a Beyblade newbie!


  • The set comes with 2 Beyblades, so you can battle out of the box.
  • Assembly is easy.
  • The uneven arena floor keeps battles dynamic.


  • The launchers getting stuck occasionally.

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