Bene Bear, Sparkle the Dog, and Seawhee the Turtle Review

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Editor's Review

These are stuffed animals with a purpose! It all starts with Bene Bear, which is short for “benevolence”, but along with his pals Sparkle the Dog and Seawhee the Turtle, this trio of plush pals helps kids learn about being kind, helping others, being respectful, and giving back to others. Each plush comes with 15 tokens. Kids earn a token to put into the pouch on their stuffed animal by showing kindness, respect, help to others, and concern for others’ feelings. Keep the tokens in the plush until you’re ready to use them again or trade them in for a reward from parents or grandparents. Along with the plush animal and tokens, there’s a storybook and an activation code so kids can print out an adoption certificate on the Bene Bear Giving website. (The storybooks have been redesigned since this video review was filmed.)

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The stuffed animals are very cute and cuddly, and we think young kids will enjoy playing with them and cuddling up with them at bedtime. The aspect of “teaching kindness” will come from adults reading the storybook to their children and reinforcing the ideas of kindness, respect, and so on. If you’re not wild about the idea of encouraging kids to do nice things for others with the goal of getting something in return, then you can choose to use the tokens however you see fit.


3 stuffed animals to choose from
Cute and cuddly
Come with storybook
Encourage benevolent acts through parent participation



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