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Editor's Review

Battle Bosses sets are sold in individual boxes and are very similar, structurally. The differences are in the details, and the boss theme. We got the Cthulhu and Grakthar sets to compare and contrast. In order to play the game, you need two sets. Inside each box you’ll find 28 cards, 9 land tiles, 6 custom dice, 1 Boss Dashboard, 1 Minion Dashboard, Tokens, and a Rulebook. Set up is detailed in the rulebook, but it boils down to arranging your 18 total land tiles in a circular pattern, then drawing and prepping 5 cards. Each player takes turns rolling their 4 white dice, and collecting the crystals and energy shown on the resulting roll. If you roll an “overload” symbol, collect the pictured resource, then roll that die again and collect the resulting roll. You can rack up a lot of resources if you’re lucky! On your turn, you can use as many or as few cards / abilities as you want. Your only limitation is energy and crystals. You need crystals to use cards, and energy to use abilities. Crystals are preserved between rounds, but energy is not. Use your energy or lose it! This mechanic is clever, allowing players to strategize in the long term, while ensuring the action never stops. The first one to deplete the opponent’s health to 0 wins!

Boss characters have different abilities, and thus, distinct play styles. Cthulhu is a schemer, whose abilities focus on trickery, and thwarting the opponent’s machinations. Grakthar on the other hand, is all about damage and direct action. This guarantees that no two combinations of bosses and matches will be the same! The personality of the bosses shine through not only in their abilities, but the included figures. The figures have great sculpted detail, but are minimal in the paint department. If you’re crafty, throw some paint on these things and make them really shine!

Battle Bosses Game

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Battle Bosses is a very fun game. No two games will ever be the same thanks to all the options you have. Even with the same two sets, game balance ensures that no one boss totally dominates another.

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