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Editor's Review

Barbie keeps taking her fashion to the extreme with new Barbie Extra dolls.

A little rain won’t stop the flower power of style number 12. This doll wears a two-piece denim outfit with bright flowers printed on it with a floral rain poncho over it. She’s got big floral sunglasses, too. Part of her long blonde hair is braided, while the other part is worn down and even has pink hearts stamped on it. She accessorizes with layered necklaces, bracelets, big heart earrings, a glittery purse, a rose-adorned picnic basket, and ruffled white booties. Her pet bunny is ready for whatever wearing a blue hat and a gold carrot chain.

Style number 7 looks like a star in her star-printed lavender ruffle top and black denim shorts. Her silver boots also have lots of sparkle. She wears her long brown hair pulled back into two ponytails and accessorizes with a furry green wrap that is extra glittery underneath. She’s layered up star necklaces around her neck, silver hoops in her ears, and a bracelet and ring on one hand. Her translucent star-shaped purse and sunglasses complete the look. Even her pet Pomeranian puppy has sunglasses and a fruity drink.

For a sportier look, style number 13 wears a glittery shredded jersey underneath a blue flannel top with black biker shorts. Brown boots complete the look. Her basketball purse shows which sport is her favorite. This girl is on fire off the court, too, when she wears her sunglasses with flames in the lenses. She wears pink streaks in her wavy brown hair, silver hoops in her ears, and lots of necklaces. She’s got a watch on one wrist and a pink scrunchie on the other. Her pet Corgi puppy gets its own pair of sunglasses and a cool donut floatie.

And style number 11 is ready for sweet treats with two cereal box accessories and a box of cereal purse. She wears an oversized graphic tee with black leather pants and translucent purple sneakers. As if her silver choker, earrings, and tiara weren’t fancy enough, wrap her up in her fluffy purple wrap. She also wears pearl-adorned sunglasses and layered bracelets. This doll’s long neon green hair is pulled back into a twisted ponytail. Her pet parrot gets its own pair of heart-shaped sunglasses and can perch on one of the cereal boxes.

Barbie Extra Dolls

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We like that each of these dolls has a different body type and fashion theme. Barbie fans are sure to find an Extra doll that looks like them, matches their fashion sense, and inspires them.

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