Barbie Color Reveal Dreamhouse Construction Set Review

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Editor's Review

Build a Barbie Dreamhouse and reveal all sorts of dolls and surprises with the Barbie Color Reveal Dreamhouse Construction Set. Just like the original Dreamhouse, this buildable set features three floors of fun. Kids get to assemble the living room, kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, DJ floor, outdoor lounge area, and kid-powered elevator. And as you build, you’ll unbox blind bags of dolls, pets, and accessories. All of the dolls have a colorful coating on them, and you can fill the heart-shaped pool with warm water, swish around the dolls, and remove the coating to reveal the doll. 

The house even unfolds so you can play with it in two different configurations. And each room can easily be detached for easier access to the interiors.

In terms of assembly, we like that each bag is numbered to make it easy to locate the pieces you need. However, we wish the stickers had been labeled better and not all of the pieces were easy to snap together.

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This is a really cool build that will be a lot of fun for Barbie fans. Kids will like the magic water-reveal feature (although the water play can get messy) and dressing up the dolls with all of the mix-and-match accessories. Even though this is smaller than the original Barbie Dreamhouse, it is still jam-packed with details and fun play features to inspire a lot of imaginative play.


Magic water-reveal feature
Lots of accessories
5 dolls and 6 pets
Pretty easy to build
Imaginative play


Not all pieces were easy to snap together
Stickers needed better labels

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