babygap Classic Side-by-Side Double Stroller Review

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Editor's Review

No longer will you have to struggle with pushing around two toddler with the help of the Delta Children Baby Gap Classic Side by Side Double Stroller.  The Side by Side is recommended for children 9 months and up, but it can only hold a child up to 35lbs per seat (70lbs total). The stroller only weighs 23 lbs and fits through any standard 30-inch door. Each seat has a five point harness and two removable lap bars that makes it easy to take any kid in and out. The seats also recline to three positions so your kids can nap comfortably on the go, plus two oversized canopies with extendable sun visors to keep your little ones protected during their walk. There are little foot rests for your kids to put their feet on, but it’s too far away for young kids, so they’ll have to let their feet dangle. All of the soft surfaces/fabrics are made from recycled water bottles and the stroller has luxe leatherette handlebars for a parent/guardian to hold onto. The Side by Side comes with a few storage options: two storage pockets in the back of the seats and a removable organizer. The removable organizer has three “pockets” (little pouches) and a zippered pocket. The stroller has puncture proof six inch front tires and seven inch tires in the back; all of the wheels are durable and shock absorbing. It can also be stopped using the three brakes located on the back of the stroller. The Side by Side also has easily recognized babygap logos that give it a timeless look. The Side by Side can be folded down by unlocking its lock with your hands and then pressing down. I like the stroller because it maneuvers super well. I love that it has storage for drinks and our phones plus it’s super lightweight and folds into a compact shape. However, I don’t like how you have to use all the brakes to stop it, there’s no storage underneath, and you need two hands to close it. Plus, you have to remove the lap bar to store it and there’s no adjustment for the footrests or handlebar. 

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Should I get it?

At this price point I felt like it should have a lot more storage than it does. However, we did like how small it folded up for a double stroller.


  • It’s easy to use.
  • Folds up to a compact shape.
  • It has storage for important items towards the top of it. 


  • There’s too many brakes.
  • You need two hands to close it so it’s not an easy close.
  • There’s no adjustment for the footrests or handlebar. 

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