Baby Alive Shampoo Snuggle Dolls Review

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Editor's Review

Whether kids like bath time or not, they’ll be in control of the cleaning with the Baby Alive Shampoo Snuggle baby dolls. Available in three styles – Sophia Sparkle, Berry Boo, and Harper Hugs – these poseable 11-inch baby dolls are water-friendly! Each doll comes with a bottle that has make-believe bubbles inside. When you tip the bottle over, the bubbles move. Add water to the bottle or your own shampoo to encourage kids to pretend to wash and style their doll’s hair. Each doll has a comb for styling the brushable hair on top of its head. Add the bow accessory to finish off the look. When bath time is over, wrap the doll in its towel. Fasteners help you swaddle the towel around the doll.

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These dolls will be fun to carry around both in and out of the bathtub. This encourages preschoolers to engage in nurturing roleplay. We like that the pieces can be used without water and soap, but the dolls can also be bathtime buddies for more realistic play.


3 dolls
Play with in or out of water
Inspire imaginative roleplay



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