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Editor's Review

Baby Alive doll play has been a classic for years. And now the dolls are going back to prehistoric times with the Baby Alive Dino Cuties. The three dolls in the line all wear removable hooded dinosaur pajamas and come with a sparkly dino egg sippy cup. There’s a brunette doll in Stegosaurus pjs, a black-haired doll in Tyrannosaurus pajamas, and a blonde doll in Triceratops jammies. Each doll has a different molded braided hairstyle, as well as poseability in the head, arms, and legs. Plus, the dolls drink and wet, just like classic Baby Alive dolls.

To activate this feature, fill the dino egg bottle with water to the line. Squeeze the water into the doll’s mouth. After one bottle, change the wet diaper. Only one diaper is included, and refills are sold separately.

Baby Alive Dino Cuties

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Little kids who love dinosaurs will have fun playing with these themed baby dolls. This is all about classic drinks-and-wets baby doll play that makes kids feel like a real mommy or daddy. Kids will love pretending to feed and care for their babies.

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