Articulate! The Fast Talking Description Game Review

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Editor's Review

ARTICULATE is a great new word guessing game from TOMY. Players must describe a word without actually saying it in 30 seconds. No rhyming words or the “first letter” clues are allowed. The game includes 500 cards featuring multiple categories, a game board, 6 playing pieces, arrow spinner, timer, and instructions. This wacky new board game for adults and kids allows for 4 to 20 plus players and is designed for ages 12 and up. Players race around the board and the first team to reach the finish line wins, but everyone will be left laughing and eager for the next round.

Articulate! The Fast Talking Description Game

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It’s loud, intense, and hilariously funny. Players must talk fast and not forget to articulate every word! Describing a word without actually saying it might sound easy, but players learn it’s not as easy as they think as the room erupts with laughter. Great for family gatherings and parties, Articulate allows for large groups of players and it’s a fast and funny game that will surely have the room screaming with laughter.

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