Akedo Ultimate Arcade Warriors Battle Giants Review

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Editor's Review

You know Akedo. They’re mini battling figures that swing weapons or bare fists with the help of a battle stand. Strike your opponent just right to perform a split-strike and lower their health.

Battle Giants introduce new elements to the game! Rather than a sliding trigger to make your Akedo warriors fight, the Battle Giants base has an equally satisfying red button to push. Fighting Battle Giants involves multiple steps. First, you need to strike them just right, and knock off their armor. Once they’re vulnerable, hit them in the chest to finally split-strike them and emerge victorious! If you’re playing on basic rules, go ahead and deduct one hit point from your opponent with the handy slider on the side of the base. Consult the rulebook for the official rules! Watch out though, both Battle Giants have a unique fighting style to mix things up. Scratchatron has 4 spinning limbs, while Tonk punches in a wide arc. The best defense is a good offense!

Just like with other Akedo mini battling figures, the sculpt and paintwork on the Battle Giants is expressive, colorful, and full of character. Scratchatron looks fearsome in its angular, cybernetic armor, until you see the small pilot underneath. So cute! Tonk, on the other hand, is a bruiser, through and through. Not even his spiky iron armor can mask that handsome mug. These figures are almost more fun to display and admire than they are to battle! Almost. Keep your eyes open for Drillborg and Alphawolf, two more Battle Giants from the first wave.

Akedo Ultimate Arcade Warriors Battle Giants

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Battle Giants are a very fun addition to the game of Akedo and a natural progression of the formula. A multi-step opponent ramps up the challenge, and introduces even bigger personalities to collect!

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