Air Dough Collectibles! Eva Review

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Editor's Review

Create and collect 12 brand new characters! Air Dough Collectibles is a brand new way to make your own 5-inch collectible character out of Air Dough, the lightest dough on Earth. This kit contains 4 vibrant colors, 2 basic tools, 1 stand, 1 foam head, 1 foam body, 2 googly eyes, 1 dowel, and instructions. The instructions are listed on the box and only have 9 steps to follow. This is great for creative kids or adults who love to create. Let me make note that this does not have the delicious scents you usually get from Scentco.

Air Dough Collectibles! Eva

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There are easy to follow steps. It won’t stick to fabric. Dries overnight and best of all it’s mess free!

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