A Day at the Barbershop Memory Game and Musical Crossroads Jumbo Puzzle Review

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Editor's Review

The Musical Crossroads Jumbo Puzzle contains 72 extra-thick puzzle pieces that are easy for little hands to manage, and it comes in a sturdy storage box. The original artwork represents diversity by depicting happy kids of mixed race and ethnicity. It’s important that all children work with learning tools and toys that represent them and the world around them. While kids build this puzzle board, use it as a teaching moment to educate them about the importance of playing together and being kind to one another.

The next set is the A Day at the Barbershop Memory Game! This package contains 24 illustrated cardboard pairs, 48 pieces total, bringing fun for 1-3 players. Represents what might be a familiar scene for some children and an uneasy place for others. It’s a great way to introduce your child to parts of the barbershop and help them grow more comfortable with regular haircuts. Designed to be adaptive to children at any skill level, this memory card game can be as challenging as you’d like. Start your child with 8 pairs to match and watch them grow faster and more accurate. Keep adding pairs until you get to the full 24.

A Day at the Barbershop Memory Game and Musical Crossroads Jumbo Puzzle

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Both of these products will expand their cognitive skills. It enhances their hand-eye coordination and all pieces are eco-friendly.

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