5 Surprise Fairy Unicorn Squad and Dino Strike Hunt Review

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Editor's Review

The Fairy Unicorn Squad features 13 new fairy unicorns to collect, each with magic wings. Peel away the “slices” of the ball to reveal a fairy unicorn with rooted-hair tail and plastic mane hairpiece, plus a glittery horn and poseable head and legs. The accessories are in the smaller slices, and these include shoes for the unicorn, the wings, sunglasses, stickers, a comb, and unicorn poop slime that is super soft and fun to squish. I don’t know why the wings are called “magic wings” as there doesn’t appear to be any sort of feature to them. But you can mix and match the wings, along with the other accessories, among all the fairy unicorns you collect.

With the Dino Strike Hunt collection, kids can hunt, trap, and battle surprise dinos. There are 10 to collect. With each slice of the ball that you unpeel, you’ll either find the pieces for building a hunting vehicle or the pieces for a dinosaur. The more you collect, the more you can play out dino-hunting adventures. The vehicles have real-rolling wheels and projectiles, and the dinosaurs are poseable.

For both of these, a collector’s guide helps kids keep track of their collections.

5 Surprise Fairy Unicorn Squad and Dino Strike Hunt

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Kids will love the surprise of unboxing these toys. The Fairy Unicorn Squad is fun because kids don’t know which character they’re getting, and there is a lot of imaginative fashion play and storytelling the more unicorns they collect. With the Dino collection, there’s the surprise of getting a vehicle or a dinosaur, and then continuing the collection for lots of action-packed adventure.

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