4×4 Giant Crusher Review

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Editor's Review

The 4×4 Giant Crusher is an absolutely huge RC monster truck, decorated in an appealing and eye-catching color scheme of orange and black, with touches of silver here and there. It has a little sculpted driver, black flame decals, and a cool lattice frame for the body. The RC itself is rechargeable and includes a usb charging cable, but the controller will require 3 of your own AAA batteries. After 120 minutes of charging time, you will get about 15 minutes of driving time. Now that ratio sounds rough, but we assure you, it’s all positives from here on.


The controls of this guy are very responsive. Despite how big it is, the Giant crusher can make sharper turns than you’d expect, and when space is truly an issue, you can do a three point turn with no issue! Thanks to the gigantic wheels and the excellent grip on each, the Giant crusher is unperturbed by nearly any terrain or obstacle. And most surprising of all, this thing is fast, faster than you’d expect! That 100 foot range is definitely going to come in handy! All in all, it’s cool that an RC this big has such snappy controls and feels so intuitive to drive around. You can’t help but love controlling a behemoth of this stature.

4x4 Giant Crusher

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The novelty of this humongous RC car is reason enough to pick this guy up. However, the performance is also no slouch! Fast, precise, and responsive, we highly recommend the 4×4 Giant Crusher.


  • The Giant Crusher, true to its name, is absolutely tremendous.
  • It can drive over basically any obstacle.
  • The speed is faster than you’d expect.
  • It has nice responsive controls.
  • It even has bright LED headlights for nighttime joyrides.


  • The 15 minute battery life and 2 hour charge time.
  • Batteries for the controller are not included.

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