4-in-1 Ultimate Learning Bot Review

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Editor's Review

Transform playtime with a robot toy that transforms for different ways to play. Fisher-Price’s 4-in-1 Ultimate Learning Bot looks cool all put together, but you can remove the head and middle for more interaction and even switch up the play through three different modes.

When it’s a full Learning Bot, you can start it out in Level 1 Explore mode. This stationary mode is ideal for babies 6 months and up. When babies press the music button, they’ll hear songs and sounds about the alphabet and counting. And pressing the learning button introduces colors through lights, sounds, phrases, and a dance party.

To get the Bot moving, switch to Level 2 Encourage mode, which is for ages 12 months and up. The Bot will sing and dance to songs about shapes and numbers when you press the music button. Or press the learning button and follow directions or play Catch the Color. As the Bot moves, it’s tummy lights up with spinning balls inside.

The third mode is Level 3 Pretend, and it’s for ages 18 months and up. In this mode, kids can sing along with the songs or follow directions through a game of ABC Freeze.

Along with the electronic features, the Bot also has an antenna button that makes its eyes move when pressed. Kids can also turn its left gear ear, and lift and lower the flap on its right gear ear. Both of its hands spin and make clicking sounds, and kids can also bat the hands to spin them around. These features are one of the reasons you might want to remove the body and the head so that younger babies can explore those simple features.

But removing the body and head also gives you access to the center button on the base. Pushing this activates more sounds, speech, lights, and motion.

4-in-1 Ultimate Learning Bot

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We certainly like the educational aspects of this toy mixed in with active play. It’s a fun way to introduce babies to letters, numbers, colors, and shapes, while also encouraging some fine and gross motor skills. We also like that this toy grows with your baby. Sitting and exploring the Bot’s head or body is great for babies who can’t crawl yet, but then adding in the movement of the Bot helps encourage babies to crawl after it. And toddlers and preschoolers will like dancing along with the Bot and creating all sorts of imaginative adventures with it.

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