2021 LEGO Ninjago Sets Review

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Editor's Review

Here are 4 NEW LEGO NINJAGO battle sets designed for ages 8 and up. The Catamaran Sea Battle set #71748 is a Ninja packed playset that features 2 Catamarans, with one that splits into 3 boats and includes 6 minifigures. There’s Island Jay, Island Zane, and Island Kai, and their rivals Chief Mammatus, Rumble Keeper, and Thunder Keeper. The Keepers’ Village set #71747 features a prison inside a dragon, hidden shooters, and a dangling tree trap. This set features 5 minifigures including Island Cole, Jay and Kai, Chief Mammatus, and Thunder Keeper. Also NEW Ninjago releases include Lloyd’s Jungle Chopper Bike set #71745 as well as LEGO NINJAGO Jungle Dragon set #71746.

2021 LEGO Ninjago Sets

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These Ninja packed sets features lots of new mini figures and Ninjago inspired accessories. Kids can stage fun battles as these sets are fun to build and encourage open ended play. Each comes with NEW Ninjago Minifigures that kids will love collecting and adding to their collections.

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