Planning a Peanut-Free Birthday Party

Skeeter Snacks
“It’s nuts! Skeeter is a squirrel that’s allergic to nuts. The good news is, it doesn’t stop him from having a great time at birthday parties!”

Birthday parties are supposed to be fun! However for kids with food allergies and their parents, attending parties can often be stressful if you’re not prepared. And hosts who don’t have experience with kids’ dietary needs may feel overwhelmed.

Here are five tips for hosting a successful food-allergy-free birthday party:

1. Communication Is Key: On your invitation, include a note such as “RSVP with any food allergies!” Parents will feel safe knowing you are being proactive with guests special needs.

2: The Menu: Three common allergies are gluten, nuts, and dairy. But there are still plenty of great food options for the party. Serve delicious party treats such as Skeeter Snacks (totally nut free cookies in a variety of flavors), Kettle Brand potato chips (gluten free), and fresh fruits and veggies.

3: Cake: Check with your local baker to see if they offer nut-, dairy-, and gluten-free options. Instead of a full sheet cake, consider serving cupcakes in different allergy-free varieties so there is something for everyone.

4: In Case of Emergency: Create a contact sheet of emergency phone numbers, names, and allergies and keep it with you or on the fridge. Keep any emergency essentials kits in a safe placed labeled with the child’s name.

5: Don’t Stress: Keep your eyes open for any emergencies and double-check allergies when serving food. The party shouldn’t be focused on food—and no child should be singled out from the group. There are plenty of activities to plan for everyone to enjoy. You took all of the necessary precautions so now you can sit back and let the celebration begin!

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