Hot Wheels RC The Batman Batmobile Review (Mattel)

Hot Wheels RC The Batman Batmobile
What It Is

This pocket sized Batmobile is a perfectly rendered miniature of the muscle car Batmobile seen in The Batman. Paint detailing can be found on the engine and tail lights, plus, there are subtle textural differences in different areas to make the miniature truly shine. You'll notice how the car body has a gloss finish, while the bumper and hood vent have a matte texture. It helps break up all that black!

The car works well as a Hot Wheel, but it's also a tiny RC! You'll need 4 AA batteries, which are not included. A charging cable can be found inside the controller, which is pretty cool. After a good charge, you're ready to roll. Controls are simple, with the left stick allowing you to move forward and back, and the right stick in charge of turning. The right stick is extremely sensitive, you do not need to press it much at all in order to make a turn.

Pretty frequently, The Batmobile will get misaligned and spin in place. More often than not we were spinning in tight circles by complete accident. Thankfully you can use the alignment buttons to fix this issue and get back to driving. A Hot Wheels track adapter is included so that you can more easily aim The Batmobile onto a track.

Is It Fun?

This RC is a challenge to drive, but a fun challenge. This toy has breakneck speeds, drifting turns, and spinning action!

Who It’s For

Hot Wheels fans age 5 and up will get a kick out of this RC.

What To Be Aware Of

- Sometimes the car will have a mind of its own and spin when you just want it to go forward. Try going in reverse or adjusting alignment and it should correct quickly.

- 4 AA batteries are necessary to operate the RC. They are not included.

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  • Assembly & Instructions


    4 AA batteries required