Rainbocorns Epic Golden Egg Review (Zuru)

Rainbocorns Epic Golden Egg
What It Is

If you want an epic unboxing experience, then check out the Rainbocorns Epic Golden Egg. This huge golden egg has a gold sequin heart and a giant gold bow on the front. But open it up to see what's inside - one of three new giant Rainbocorns stuffed animals and more than 25 layers of glittering and golden surprises.

Once your egg is open and you've given your new Rainbocorn BFF a hug, attach the sequin heart to your Rainbocorn. These are flip sequins, so underneath the gold is a colorful image. The egg's bow can also be removed and worn in your hair. Then you get to uncover three mini golden eggs each with a new shimmery Boo-Boocorn inside. Then there are even more surprises to hatch, including a sticker sheet, DIY glitter stickers, hair clips, a headband, a slapband, and a bracelet/hair tie.

Is It Fun?

This giant egg will be so much fun for kids who love Rainbocorns, unboxing toys, and glitter. The giant plush characters are super soft and will make fun cuddle buddies. We also like all the other fun stuff that comes inside the egg, allowing kids to get creative, use their imaginations, and have fun dressing up.

Who It’s For

The Epic Golden Egg is for ages 3 and up.

What To Be Aware Of

There are three Rainbocorns to collect in this series and nine Boo-Boocorns. Keep track of your collection on the included collector's guide.

  • Cute

  • Cuddly

  • Collectibility