Micro Machines Corvette Raceway Transforming Playset Review (Jazwares)

Micro Machines Corvette Raceway Transforming Playset
What It Is

The Corvette Raceway has two primary modes: Corvette mode and raceway mode! The Corvette mode is a great recreation of its namesake, and even comes with a set of decorative stickers to add a bit more flair to your display. This mode even features rolling wheels for some smooth driving on a larger scale.

Of course this sleek exterior hides an interactive playset within! The transformation is simple and very intuitive, with the first step cleverly concealed within the rearview mirrors. The track won't be complete, of course, without the additional accessories and extensions. Once you're done installing those, you can take your Micro Machine around the slalom racetrack, down the drag strip raceway, into the pit stop, and for a spin on the winner's circle.

If you have some connector pieces from other Micro Machines sets (sold separately) you can connect the Corvette Raceway to those other sets.

Is It Fun?

Yes, it's fun! It's finely detailed with tons of space and roadway for pretend play. We think fans of Micro Machines will really enjoy it.

Who It’s For

The Micro Machines Corvette Raceway is a great toy for any car enthusiast aged 4 and up.

What To Be Aware Of

The raceway mode accessories cannot be stored within the Corvette mode configuration, so you will need to arrange an alternate method of storage.

The track works great driving manually. However, the oval track button-operated boost is very tricky to nail just right. Cars may veer off the edge, which is its own kind of fun!

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