JunkBots Factory Collection Sector 44 Research Lab Review (Hexbug)

JunkBots Factory Collection Sector 44 Research Lab
What It Is

The alley's dumpsters aren't the only places you'll find junk brought to life. Have you seen what's coming out of the Sector 44 Research Lab? This playset, part of the JunkBots Factory Collection, features more than 200 pieces for constructing two different JunkBots with motion, light, and more. Much like the first series of JunkBots, this playset has an unboxing aspect - 10 levels to be exact.

First, rip the perforation on the front of the box to open the playset. There's a slime-covered crate inside that houses some of the JunkBots pieces and building instructions. Then you get to search the playset's environment for even more pieces. And yes, the pipes that you see can be deconstructed and reconstructed to make different designs and accessories for your JunkBots.

Just because you've taken everything out of the playset doesn't mean it still can't be used. Store and display the rest of your JunkBots Factory Collection, and make up your own stories about what goes on in the lab.

Is It Fun?

Kids who like collecting and building with JunkBots will like this brand new theme, as well as the unboxing experience that has them searching through the research lab for the building pieces. This adds a little bit of roleplay to the unboxing experience. After kids have built their bots and accessories, the playset sparks imaginative storytelling, as well as gives them a place to store and display their collection.

Who It’s For

The JunkBots Lab is for ages 5 and up.

What To Be Aware Of

If you're trying to build the JunkBots based on the picture instructions, we thought it was a little tricky to identify which pieces were needed.

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