LEGO City Central Airport, Airshow Jet Transporter, and Passenger Airplane Sets Review (LEGO)

LEGO City Central Airport, Airshow Jet Transporter, and Passenger Airplane Sets
What It Is

The LEGO City Central Airport set features a terminal building with check-in area, charter plane with room for a pilot, and 3 passenger minifigures, plus a fuel tanker and luggage truck. Everything you need to do before getting on the charter plane or passenger airplane!

The LEGO City Airshow Jet Transporter shows off a very cool yellow jet! It's an awesome jet with adjustable tail fins and a tinted minifigure cockpit. It also features an articulated transporter with seating for the driver minifigure. A pilot, 2 ground crew members, and 3 passenger minifigures are included.

The biggest set is the LEGO City Passenger Airplane! This one includes a large model airplane with seating for the pilot and passenger minifigures- including Poppy Starr from the LEGO City Adventures TV series- plus a terminal building with luggage conveyor and a control tower. This set also has an airport truck with a car elevator, airstair, airport terminal setting, a red convertible automobile, 8 minifigures, and a baby figure.

Is It Fun?

Kids can feel accomplished once done building. It inspires creativity. This is fun play based on real-life scenarios and you can add other sets to these to expand on the play.

Who It’s For

These sets make a great gift for kids aged 4 and up and for boys and girls who love toy planes!

What To Be Aware Of

Get ready to fly away with these new LEGO City sets.

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