Relative Insanity Review (PlayMonster)

Relative Insanity
What It Is

Play Monster's Relative Insanity is a game is for 4-12 players, ages 14+. Relative Insanity is a fun adult party game that celebrates the quirky, and sometimes crazy, members of our families. The game was made and played by comedian Jeff Foxworthy, The game comes with 500 cards. Each player starts with 7 yellow punch line cards. The players take turns reading the red set-up cards. In the tradition of popular games like Apples to Apples, or Cards Against Humanity, players respond by choosing one punch line card and submitting it to the reader. All punch lines are shuffled, and read out loud. The reader picks a favorite punch line and the submitter keeps the red set-up card. First player to collect 5 set up cards, wins. Although the game plays similar to many other party games, the punch lines are original, and very funny. And with 400 punch lines, Relative Insanity offers much opportunity for repeat play.  So although you cannot pick your family, you can pick Relative Insanity for a great night of good times and laughs.

Is It Fun?
Yes, you will be laughing a lot
Who It’s For
Game players and crazy family members, ages 14+
What To Be Aware Of

Some cards may not be appropriate for all audiences.

  • Fun

  • Repeat Play

  • Assembly & Instructions