Creative Cafe Barista Bar Review (RoseArt)

Creative Cafe Barista Bar
What It Is

Make the perfect frothy cappuccino at home. Well, sort of, with the Creative Cafe Barista Bar. This lets kids pretend to be the barista at mom and dad's favorite coffee shop, but no coffee is involved. 

Fill the frothing pitcher with milk, place it into the Barista Bar, and pull the lever to lower the whisk into the milk. Once the milk is frothed up enough, pour it over your favorite drink base. Use the included recipe cards, milk, the included chocolate and/or strawberry powder to make a Strawberry Swirl, a Neapolitan, or a Mock-iato.

There are even stencils so that you can create fun designs on top of your drinks using the strawberry or chocolate powders.

Is It Fun?

This is all about fun and creativity in the kitchen. Kids will really enjoy whipping up their own pretend coffee drinks much like the ones they've seen their parents order at the local coffee house. But instead of just pretending to serve drinks, kids really are making something that they can drink. It will be fun for them to make and serve drinks for their friends, as well as see what different drink concoctions they can create on their own.

Who It’s For

The Creative Cafe Barista Bar is for ages 6 and up. Kids who have an interest in going to the coffee shop with mom and dad will like the pretend play of this playset.

What To Be Aware Of

This comes with a frothing unit, a frothing pitcher, three stencils, two shaker bottles, two spoons, four paper cups, one packet of strawberry flavor, one packet of chocolate flavor, and four recipe and tip cards. 

Three AA batteries are required but not included.

You will need to provide your own milk. Chilled, low-fat milk is recommended for best frothing results. You can also use lactose-free, almond, or soy milk.

Adult assembly and supervision is recommended.

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  • Assembly & Instructions

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