Dinosaurs Review (Eitech)

What It Is

Eitech toys gives us the Eitech Dinosaurs T-Rex. This prehistoric baddie is said to be designed to promote creativity, learning skills and fun. Boys and girls are encouraged to tap into their imaginations to construct and engineer this terror of the stone age. This 250-piece set comes with 2 mini wrenches, 1 mini screwdriver, silver metal building pieces, and illustrated instructions. Suggested for ages 8 years and up, our staff assembled it in 2 hrs and found the difficulty degree to be medium.

Is It Fun?
It's fun for awhile until the frustration begins to hit.  This toy is aimed at kids who enjoy nuts and bolts building but sadly they will feel extremely disappointed by the finished product. Here's why. The completed T-Rex does not resemble a T-Rex at all. The tail alone is a disaster. It does not stand on it's own because it is too heavy and nuts and bolts begin to loosen quite easily. Some angles are very difficult to tighten bolts with the supplied wrenches and it ends up just a heap of metal on the shelf.  
Who It’s For

Suggested for ages 8 years and up, this is targeted at the young engineer who enjoys sitting still and working on metal building sets. 

What To Be Aware Of

Suggested for ages 8 years and up, our staff assembled it in 2 hrs.  When this T-Rex was completed, we found it to be rather heavy, and not really recognizable. It does not stand up on it's own due to it's weight. We also found that screws come loose very easily. With a suggested price of $39.99, this Dino just isn't worth the price or effort. 

  • Fun

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    Medium Difficulty