Phase 10 Review (Mattel)

Phase 10
What It Is

Complete the hand to move on in the card game Phase 10. This is a Rummy-style card game where players are trying to make a specific combination of cards, such as sets (two or more cards with the same number), runs (four or more cards in numerical order), and all one color. The challenge is that there are 10 combination phases to complete, and you can't move on to the next phase until you've completed the one you're on. The first player to complete the tenth phase wins.

To start, each player receives 10 cards. The remaining cards become the draw pile. Turn over the top card on the draw pile and place it down next to the draw pile to create a discard pile. 

On your turn, draw a card from either the draw pile or the discard pile and add it to your hand. You end your turn by discarding one card from your hand. Everyone is trying to complete the first phase. When a player is able to make the phase with the cards in his hand, he lays them down face up on the table, and then discards one card.

But that doesn't mean the round is over. Instead, play continues until one player goes out by getting rid of all of his cards. This can happen by discarding or adding cards to any player's existing phase. But you've got to complete your own phase first before adding to other phases. The player to go out first wins the hand and scores zero for the round. All other players receive points based on the cards left in their hands. These points will come in handy if two or more players complete the tenth phase in the same hand. Then, the player with the fewest total points wins.

The winner of that hand and any other player who completed the phase gets to move on to the next phase in the next hand. Players who didn't complete the phase must work on the current phase again.

Wild and Skip cards change up the gameplay because Wild cards can be used for any number or color you need to complete a phase, and Skip cards cause another player to lose a turn. You get to choose who loses a turn when you play the card.

Is It Fun?
The above game instructions are the base instructions, and if you've ever played Phase 10, you've probably ended up playing a little differently. There are actually three variations listed in the game instructions (we always play the first variation), and this game lends itself really well to coming up with house rules. No matter how you play, the game is a lot of fun. It's all about the luck of the draw, and you might end up having to change your strategy and discard high-scoring cards fast in the middle of a hand.
Who It’s For
Phase 10 is for two to six players ages 7 and up. The game instructions may seem complicated, but it's actually a very easy game to learn to play, and it will be a fun addition to your next family game night.
What To Be Aware Of
Phase 10 comes with 108 cards and instructions.
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  • Assembly & Instructions

    None or Very Easy