Magic 8 Ball Review (Mattel)

Magic 8 Ball
What It Is
Will the retro-looking Magic 8 Ball bring back fond memories to today's parents and grandparents? It is certain! Seventy years after it was first invented, the Magic 8 Ball continues to be a fun toy for kids and adults alike. And the magic behind it hasn't changed at all. There's still a 20-sided die floating around inside a cylinder of blue liquid. Just ask the Magic 8 Ball a “yes” or “no” question and flip it over to see what response will appear on the die. There are 10 positive responses, ranging from “Yes definitely” to “It is certain”, along with five negative responses (“My reply is no”) and five neutral responses (“Concentrate and ask again”). 
Is It Fun?

Whether you're asking if the boy in your social studies class likes you or you're asking if you're going to get a raise at work, the Magic 8 Ball has all the answers. Of course, these answers are for entertainment purposes only, but the toy has certainly been entertaining lots of kids and adults since it first became popular in the 1950s. For kids, it's a fun activity at a slumber party, and for adults, it's a nice desktop paperweight that reminds them of fun times as a kid.

Who It’s For
The Magic 8 Ball is for ages 6 and up, but we think that the retro packaging for this particular version will have a lot of appeal with the “and up” crowd.
What To Be Aware Of
The Magic 8 Ball is to be used for entertainment purposes only.
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