Movie Sequel News: GI Joe, Batman, Star Trek

I have some interesting tidbits regarding three in-the-works movie sequels for you today.

First, Joseph Mazzello, the little kid from Jurassic Park: The Lost World and more recently, The Social Network, has apparently been cast in the G.I. Joe sequel as a Joe team member called, Mouse. Hmm, I don’t remember ever owning the Mouse action figure.

Second, Batman fans were dissappointed when a pivotal player from the first Batman movie, Batman Begins, was dropped from the sequel, The Dark Night. No, I’m not talking about Katie Holmes but more importantly, The Batcave! It seams that everyone’s favorite dank dwelling will be back in the third film as has reported that an eye witness spotted the cave under construction on the MGM lot.

Finally, MTV News recently spoke to the Star Trek 2 writers who revealed that the original script is going through some major reworkings. Apparently, now that JJ Abrams is done with Super 8, he is redirecting his focus on the new Star Trek movie and reworking some of what the writers had already developed.


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