LEGO Takes Art World in New Exhibit, “In Pieces”

Have you ever looked at the pile of LEGOs scattered across your floor and wondered what you could do with it (other than sweep under the couch)? I do every time I visit my nephews and it looks like I’m not alone.

LEGO sculptor Nathan Sawaya and photographer Dean West got together to create an interesting new exhibit called “In Pieces” ( The exhibit features West’s photographs of different non-LEGO settings with Sawaya’s LEGO sculptures in the settings. Sometimes the sculptures are obvious and jump out at you but some of the photographs require you to look closer until you spot the LEGOs. All of the pictures are beautiful and very interesting. See for yourself in the following example.


In-pieces“In Pieces” is running now at the OPENHOUSE Gallery in SOHO (NYC) until March 17th. You can see more pictures from the exhibit here and find additional information on Sawaya at

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