We recently met with the LEGO team in their headquarters in which they filled us in on some exciting news. LEGO is launching a Master Building Academy (MBA) to teach children of all ages to become Master Builders. The first kit, Space Designer, is available June 1.

What is a Master Builder? Stealing a line from the movie Top Gun, they’re the “best of the best”. The Master Builders who work for LEGO design and build all of the LEGO models on display at stores, theme parks, and special events around the world.

The LEGO MBA program starts with a 12 month subscription that includes 6 kits, one delivered every two months. The kits are designed to teach children the building principles needed to become a Master Builder. The cost of the first year subscription is $99.99, and also includes access to the members only section of the LEGO Master Builder Academy website.

If you are a LEGO fan, or have a child 8+ who loves LEGO’s, this is worth checking out. It’s not shocking to see that so many LEGO fanatics later go on to be architects.

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