Game Preview: LEGO Pirates Of The Caribbean

Apparently, Disney has a new Pirates Of The Caribbean movie coming out this month. It’s probably going to be one of those artsy, independent flicks that only plays in major cities so why not make your own pirates fun with the new LEGO game, LEGO Pirates Of The Caribbean: The Video Game (also from Disney)!

LEGO Pirates is not based on the new movie but rather it is based on all four movies, including this summer’s On Stranger Tides. The game recreates familiar settings from the movies and allows players to play as more than 70 POTC characters in a game that combines exploration, combat and puzzle solving. The POTC’ world and characters have been given a LEGO makeover for the game and the comedy stylings that have become synonymous with LEGO video games is on full display in this new adventure.

Kids and adults will love this game and the two-player cooperative mode means they can play the game together.

LEGO Pirates Of The Caribbean: The Video Game is rated E10+ and available on all systems, including the new 3DS. I’ll have a full review of the game on as soon as I get my hands on a copy.



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